Glossary of Geological Terms

Aquifer: a layer of rock which contains water.


Boulder : angular rock fragments in a mass


Cliff: a steep rock face at the coast or inland.

Cliffs - Migra l-Ferha

Erosion: the wearing away of the earth’s surface by water, ice and wind.


Graben: A block that has been moved down by faulting.


Horst: An area that has been uplifted, as a block between 2 faults.


Impermeable: a rock which water can not get through.


Infiltration: the rate at which water seeps into the soil.


Karst: the name given to limestone landscape.


Limestone pavement: flat, bear surfaces of limestone broken up into blocks ( clints) by gaps (grykes)


Permeable: a rock which water can get through because it is porous and/or pervious.


Pervious: a rock which water can get through because it has cracks in it.


Plateau: A flat and elevated surface of land.

Bahrija Plateau

Porous: a rock which water can get through because it has spaces between its grains.


Quarry: a place where stone is extracted from the ground.


Rdum: A specfic type of


Sedimentary Rocks: these are formed from segments of other rocks, the remains of plants and animals, or chemicals which have built up in layers.


Solution: rocks dissolving in water.




Wave cut platform: the area of rock in front of a cliff eroded by the sea.


Weathering: rocks breaking down where they are because of contact with the earth’s atmosphere.